Nobody makes sparkling wine with Merlot grapes (so we should make it) because it has low acidity (so we will find the exact moment where there is a perfect balance between acidity and ripeness of the grapes). It’s something crazy (we need to find excellent enologists that want to follow us in this crazy project) and we have to communicate it in the right way (with a designer in love with the project and able to tell our story through the label).

It’s a unique wine (and it’s perfect for us).

It’s born. It’s Charme.


Type: Charmat method
Grape variety: Merlot 100%
Training system: spurred cordon
Grape harvest: hand made in the first ten days of September
Rosé Winemaking: gentle pressing and a brief maceration with skin contact for color. Aged in steel tank at controlled temperature. Secondary fermentation in tank, then filtering and bottling.
Bottle: 750 ml
Alcohol content: 12% vol – 12% ABV
Color: cherry light pink
Perlage: very fine and persistent
Scent: fruity with notes of cherry and raspberry
Flavour: fresh, elegant and harmonic, good persistence with rose finish
Food pairing: perfect choice for aperitif, ideal with sushi and fish in general, as well as meat first and main courses, not elaborated
Service temperature: 8°C – 46°F

Awards: The Wine Hunter Awards 2023 – +90 pt



The new entry of 2023: a new Pinot grigio with ancient origins; the yeast that transforms sugars into alcool and bubbles, are not removed, for a unique taste and color. You will discover how can a Pinot Grigio can be different.

Type: Ancstrale method
Grape variety: Pinot grigio 100%
Training system: guyot
Grape harvest: hand made in the second half of August
Rosé Winemaking: gentle pressing in dry ice, second fermentation is made in bottle with yeast and frozen must; no degorgemant
Bottle: 750 ml
Alcohol content: 11,5% vol – 11,5% ABV
Color: light gold yellow
Perlage: very fine and persistent
Scent: fresh, citrus, yeast
Flavour: very fresh and easy to drink
Food pairing: perfect choice for aperitif, ideal with fish and white meat as well as fried food, cheese and pizza
Service temperature: 8°C – 46°F