They call us “the pioneer of the bassa (lowland of Verona)”. 

Legnago is located in the south of the province of Verona, in the middle of the Po valley, with its problems of fog and humidity, but also with a fertile soil rich in water that, if managed with wisdom, can produce the perfect grape for quality and quantity.

The long experience of our grandfather, handed down to us by our father, was fundamental for us: they have experienced the potential of the land year after year, adapting to each corner – sandy, clayey or mixed, the type of processing, chemical treatment and grape variety in order to obtain the best quality.  

Just walk through the rows of our old Merlot, the “wise” vineyard, to understand everything: a vineyard that has so strongly adapted to our land, so that the chemical treatment against diseases and for the weed control is reduced to a minimum.

A vineyard, therefore, but also a private lake where fishing and grilling the fish together, a park with native varieties of trees given by family friends, a large shed that if in winter is a shelter for tools and machinery, in the warm season it’s the location for unforgettable outdoor lunches. 

Summer evening are never sultry here, because a punctual breeze welcomes us while working on the vineyard, and tells that the days is coming to an end; the noises of the tractors are muffled to make room for the songs of the thousand different birds. Just a bit of fantasy and you feel on an exotic island. 

We don’t have the temperature range typical of the hills, and this is the reason why we cannot grow all the varieties of vines. On the other hand though, our Moscato Giallo is full of aroma, the Pinot Grigio has a strong character and the Merlot, the King Merlot, gives us every vintage full bodied rounded wines, rich in color and typical varieties aromas.

They say that the lowland viticulture is not worth as much as hillside; taste our wines and prepare to change your mind.