Basil Pesto Cheesecake in a glass and Charme Sparkling Rosé of Merlot

Days are getting very hot, time for cooking is few (who wants to spend time cooking when you can enjoy sun and long days?) and body is asking for fresh and light but also tasty food. This recipe of basil pesto cheese in a glass is exactly what you need! If you pair it with a glass of chill Charme Sparkling Rosé of Merlot Annafrancesca, you will get the perfect couple!

Pairing rule: the fine bubble of Charme will clean the mouth from the creaminess of the cheese, and the character of Merlot can substain the strong flavour of Basil Pesto.

HOW TO MAKE IT:  (6/8 portions)

Coarsely crumble 100 gr of rusks (store-bought bread toasts, “fette biscottate” in italian) and mix with 80 gr of soft butter until forming large crumbs. Divide the crumbs into the glasses and let them rest in the fridge. Soak 10 gr of gelatin sheet in some water. In the meanwhile, mix 250 gr of ricotta cheese or other spreadable cheese you love with a espresso-size cup of basil pesto. Season with salt, pepper and herbs you like. Melt the soft gelatin in two spoons of hot cream, (taken from a total of 100 ml of non sugared fresh cream) and mix to the basil pesto and ricotta mix. Then whip the rest of the fresh cream and gently fold to the pesto and cheese mix. Divide it into the glasses and let it rest in fridge until 10/15 minutes before serving. Add some cheery tomatoes or basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil.

Then sit open-air with a glass of Basil Pesto Cheesecake, a glass of Charme Sparkling Rosé of Merlot, some friends and enjoy it!