Chocolate Crostata and Battista Passito di Merlot. Drink it easy!

Who says that a bottle of Passito should only be open on big occasions? Our Battista Passito of Merlot, for example, sweet and also fresh, with notes of chocolate and berries, lend itself to different interpretations: elegant and sofisticated if paired with aged cheese, romantic with voluptuous chocolate desserts, meditative with a flavoured caribbean cigarillo, happy and easy with a fast-and-easy-to-make Chocolate crostata, good, crunchy and happy!

With a very low content of sulphites, our wines can be drank everytime you want to drink well: no headache, no stomach ache, just a sweet euphoria..



For the dough: fastly mix 150gr of butter with 150 gr of sugar, then add 1 egg and finally 300 gr of all purpose weat making a smooth dough; don’t heat it too much… Let sit the dough in the fridge for at least one hour.

For the chocolate ganache: melt 200 gr of high quality chocolate in 120 gr of unsugared cream, let sit.

Preheat the oven at 180°C . Roll the dough in a circle 0,5 cm thick (parchment paper can help), then lay it on the buttered cake pan leaving a 2cm high edge; pour the ganache and trim the edge. Withe excess dough create decorations on the surface or make cookies 😉 Cook for about 30 minutes: the first 25′ the cake has to be covered by alluminium foil to prevent the chocolate to dry.

If you like, you can serve it with berries that are nicely in contrast with the sweetness of chocolate and remind the taste of our Battista Passito di Merlot Annafrancesca.