They call us “the pioneer of the bassa (lowland of Verona)”. 

Legnago is located south of Verona, in the middle of the Po Valley, with its problems related to fog and humidity, but at the same time with fertile soil rich in water which, if managed wisely, is very generous and can produce quality grapes.

Fundamental for us was the long experience of our grandfather, passed down to our father, who experimented year after year with the potential of our estate, choosing the variety of vines and the processing based on the characteristics of the different soils of the estate: sandy, clayey or mixed. Each vineyard has different needs and must be treated accordingly.

Precisely for this reason, Annafrancesca also has its Crus, plots of land with unique characteristics that are chosen for the production of particular wines: Pinot Pezza Lunga, Pinot Vecchio, Scurzoli di Merlot to name a few examples.

The Annafrancesca vineyards are hidden from view from the main roads, but are easily reachable with the right directions. The connection with Lake Garda and the neighbouring cities of Verona, Rovigo, Ferrara, Padova, Mantova, Vicenza is also very easy thanks to the SS434 Transpolesana and the nearby A31, A4 and A13 highway connections.

Those who come to visit us immerse themselves in an oasis of peace where there are vineyards as far as the eye can see; with a walk of a few minutes, you can enjoy the relaxing park and the native grove around the small lake, that is full of typical fauna, and a stopover for migratory birds.

They say that the lowland viticulture is not worth as much as hillside; taste our wines and prepare to change your mind.

On summer evenings in the Annafrancesca estate we never suffer from the heat, because a punctual breeze welcomes us workers and tells us that the day is almost over, little by little the sound of the tractors is replaced by that of a thousand varieties of birds, and the mind imagines being in an exotic place.

Our area does not have the same climate as the hills, and therefore not all grape varieties are suitable for growing here, but they must be chosen carefully. We did, which is why our Moscato Giallo is rich in aromas, the Pinot Grigio has great character and the Merlot, “the King”, gives us wines that are round, fresh, light in color with intense varietal aromas every year.