Annafrancesca wines in 2017

The idea of ​​Annafrancesca wine was born two years after starting the company as a grape producer: walking immersed in the “wise” Merlot, our grandfather’s ancient vineyard, full of beautiful bunches of ripe Merlot, illuminated by the light of the sunset, we understood that these wonderful grapes deserved to be transformed into something special; a wine that bore our name, that enhanced the quality of those bunches coming from a vineyard more than 60 years old and that paid homage to those who, more than half a century earlier, had understood the value of the land of the Veronese plain in wine production, until then little considered for this type of crop.

Annafrancesca and her wines were born in our heads and in our hearts.

All that remained was to chose the right wines to lead us into this adventure…


Original wines that only we produce, in which Merlot is enhanced in unusual and unexpected ways.