We come from working worlds as different as they are far from agriculture: Anna graduated in economics and international trade and Francesca a restorer of works of art, we would hardly have imagined becoming winemakers and subsequently wine producers.

But then our passion for the world of wine and our desire to create a tailor-made job leads us to consider the family estate as the right opportunity.

The change in life is remarkable: from the first day after the birth of the company, we physically committed ourselves to the work on the new vineyard, supported by specific courses in pruning (Simonit & Sirch method), phytosanitary licensing, tractor driving and organic and sustainable agriculture so as to be autonomous and aware in our choices, to produce quality grapes and subsequently wines that totally reflect us. It is hard work, but the beauty of working in nature and on a project of our own is unparalleled and the quality of this type of life is priceless for us.

Although work in the vineyard, wineshop and events takes up most of our time, we are both active Fisar sommeliers, an experience that proved fundamental in our choice to become winemakers.

When possible we treat ourselves with some restoration work or travels abroad, thus bringing the influence of our passions into our current job, renewing it in a creative and modern way.

The choice to move from the sole cultivation of vines, as per the initial project, to the production of the Annafrancesca wine line was the natural result of our journey: the love for life in the open air and for nature, returning to our roots, the passion, dedication and effort that this work requires, expressed in splendid wines enclosed in elegant bottles.