The sisters Anna and Francesca come from worlds that are very different and far from that of agriculture: the younger graduated in international economic and the older in the restoration of paintings and frescoes, they couldn’t imagine leaving their careers to become at first winegrowers and then winemakers.

In 2013, their passion for the wine world and their desire to reinvent a job, brought them to consider the family land (partially cultivated with vines) the right opportunity; from the creation of the company the two sisters worked hard in the new viticulture plant, supported by courses of pruning (Simonit & Sirch method), tractors driving license as well as phytosanitary license etc. to become increasingly autonomous and aware of choices, and to make a wine that reflects them totally.

Both active professional sommelier, they work mostly in the vineyard, but even now and then they still accept some piece of art to restore (Francesca) and some events abroad (Anna) bringing the influence of their passions to their current job, renewing it in a creative a modern way.

The Annafrancesca wines are the natural consequence of their journey: the realization of the two sister’ love for the open-air life, nature, the return to the origins, as well as for the passion, dedication and effort that this job requires, well represented by awesome wines in elegant bottles.