A medal for Dragonfly Merlot igt 2018

2018 is the second vintage only of Dragonfly Merlot igt Annafrancesca production, this is the first time we participate in a Wine Challenge, but a medal has already come!

Just 1.2 point away from the gold medal, our Dragonfly Merlot igt 2018 won the Silver Medal at the International Wine City Challenge 2019, Merlot World Section. We participated to test ourselves and our wine, with the awareness that in the midst of more than 1200 prestigious wineries it would not have been easy to stand out;  especially as the tastings were blind, so we could not take advantage from the beauty of the label.

It has gone differently! Dragonfly Merlot igt 2018 Annafrancesca won the Silver Medal, and with it also our passion, all the efforts, the frostwork in winter and the very hot in summer, the stubbornness to continue in a world in which nobody has taught us to walk, and above all our “wise” vineyard of Merlot that make the grapes.

Of course, we never stop: the silver medal is an important encouragement that has filled us with pride and that will help us in moments of emotional difficulty; but we go further in the constant search for even higher quality to offer our customer more and more memorable sips.