It’s not easy to pair correctly a wine to a dish of tomato pasta due to its natural acidity: there is a big risk to change deeply the wine taste in the mouth.

It’s an important issue because tomato sauce pasta, with its several variants, is the base of italian every day meal. How can we solve this dilemma? 

Adding another ingredient with a dominant flavor that goes well with the wine we want to drink.

Some examples: tomato sauce and tuna fish with Sparkling Rosé, tomato sauce and mushrooms with a Young Red Wine, tomato sauce and bacon with medium acidity Red Wine.

For this recipe we stir-fried fresh Cherry tomatoes with Taggiasca Olives in a spoon of its oil to enhance the flavor. We pair the dish with our Dragonfly Merlot igt 2018, slightly cool, perfect also in summer.

Ps: instead of classical wheat pasta, we used red lentils pasta, even tastier and more suitable for our Dragonfly Merlot igt 2018 Annafrancesca strong taste.