Pumpkin Parmigiana and Dragonfly Merlot 2018, a sweet call of autumn

We are still in summer, but whether we like it or not, autumn begins to build its bridge towards us. The days are cooler and the autumn fruits ripe. The pumpkin, for example, that we love in all its shapes and that we propose in a recipe suitable for cold winter evenings as well as lukewarm for these late summer days: the Pumpkin and Speck Parmigiana, combined with our Dragonfly Merlot igt 2018 Annafrancesca, served slightly chill to balance with its acidity the sweetness and creaminess of pumpkin, able to sustain with its body the strong taste of speck.


150 gr of raw pumpkin sliced in 0,5cm slices, 125 gr of mozzarella, 30 gr of speck, olive oil, 10/15 gr of grated parmigiano (or other tasty cheese).

Grese the bottom and the walls of a small baking dish (we use 15x15cm), then lay down a layer of pumpkin, a layer of sliced mozzarella, another layer of pumpkin, then mozzarella and half of grounded speck, then the last layer of pumpkin, cubes of mozzarella, the rest of speck and at the end the grated parmigiano. Bake it for 30/40 minutes (or until the pumkin soft) at 180°C.  Preheat oven is not necessary.

Enjoy the Pumpkin and Speck Parmigiana hot or lukewarm with a glass of Dragonfly Merlot igt 2018 Annafrancesca and immerse yourself in this mid season, where the flavors get more intense and the air smells of harvest.